2018 Applications


Farmers and Makers



We know that changing the world starts right here... with you and me. Everyone can make a difference! Right? You just need to decide what kind of difference you will make and go do it! We're here to help you share all the good things you are creating! 

The Folly Beach Farmers Market is a fun gathering of farmers and creatives and change makers every Monday from 4-8 at the Folly River Park. We're spreading the love from this little island on the Edge of America by following our dreams and doing the things we love WITH LOVE and RESPECT... for this beautiful planet and all you beautiful people!  

We are accepting applications to join The Folly Beach Farmers Market Collective. Please read our welcome page, fill out an application and return by Feb 14th. 


Music and entertainment


Some say LOVE is the universal language.

Others say MUSIC is the universal language that connects us all. 

We say MUSIC IS LOVE and we LOVE our Musicians who come out to the Farmers Market to spread the love each season! 

Musicians of all ages and talents... apply here...