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folly beach Farmers market

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Accepting applications for our 2018 season


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"We just have to be together. It will all happen." - Alan Watts 

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Knowing the person behind the product


Why shop local? Why grow local? Why support local?

It’s simple….the heart. It's knowing the person who grows your tomatoes.

 How do you feel when you eat a REAL, local,  organically grown, freshly harvested tomato? REAL as in grown without  chemicals from heirloom seeds, cared for  daily, with love and hard work, by a local farmer…. A farmer that you meet in person, that you know by name even, that you trust to grow your families food. Does that tomato make you feel different than the tomato you got at the grocery store? Maybe you could care less, maybe you've never thought about it, and maybe you do know this feeling. 

That feeling is HEART. Farmers grow your food because they love it. Most will tell you they feel called to it. I would say this is especially true with new and small scale farmers who are growing responsibly with the mission to protect the planet and feed more people clean food. 'Cause let's be real... farming is good hard work. You have to believe in what you are doing to grow as organically as possible these days. 

 How we choose to invest our resources, our time and energy, whether we grow our food or we purchase our food. It matters. The HOW.  How we grow. How we shop. How we eat. How we speak. How we live. And maybe most importantly how we give. 

If you want to change the world, it starts with ... how?  It starts with us! 

We want you to introduce you to the "people behind the products" in our community. You'll see why we're so happy they decided to quit their day jobs to make jams and apple butter. Warning: you may want to to run home, quit your job and build that wood shop you've always dreamed of. (If you do, let us know)

When we invest locally, in a good way, we will not only survive, we will thrive! And the more we grow, the more we have to give!

And let's be really real here.... the more we help each other out, the more time we have to play on the beach! It's true. 

See you on the beach, at the market or at supper  ! 

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We can't wait to see you.


Folly River Park, Center Street, Folly Beach SC